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Stop wasting your time dealing with compromised websites.

Script Shepherd notifies your customers and resellers customers about real, serious vulnerabilities in their websites before they are exploited, and gives you a unique insight into how they use your platform.

Script Shepherd. What's it all about?

Vulnerability Alerts

Script Shepherd keeps track of the software your customers are running - including plugins, themes and third party modules - and alerts you or optionally your resellers and customers directly when it finds an exploitable vulnerability.


We understand that you don't want to bother your customers with 'noise', so we make a point of only alerting for real, serious, vulnerabilities - not just the presence of an old version or a potential flaw if the stars align.


Insight & Reporting

Script Shepherd also allows you to gain valuable information on exactly how your customers are using your service, based on what software they run.


Whether you need to determine how many of your customers are blogging vs. running online stores to better focus your marketing efforts, or have a bug report on a plugin that doesn't work properly and need to see how many customers this impacts, we have you covered with our reporting features. 


Security Research

Our bug hunters are focused on auditing the most popular plugins and software to find vulnerabilities to add to Script Shepherd - this means that our scans will protect you first.


However, our research and discovered vulnerabilities are always fed back upstream or to the public through a responsible disclosure process - our prime directive is to make your customers business safer, so we are not in the business of hoarding 0days or using them for a cheap promotional opportunity. 

Want to be the first to know when we launch?

We are currently on the lookout for hosting providers of all shapes and sizes to help beta test our product and provide valuable input on its finishing touches. If you'd like to help out or simply be informed when we go public, hit the button below.

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